Bodily Interventions and Intimate Labour: Understanding Bioprecarity. Eds Gabriele Griffin and Doris Leibetseder. Manchester: Manchester University Press, forthcoming (2019).

"'Only Applies to Research Conducted in Sweden…' Dilemmas in Gaining Ethics Approval in Transnational Qualitative Research", co-written with Gabriele Griffin, International Journal of Qualitative Methods, forthcoming.

"States of Reproduction: The Co-Production of Queer & Trans Parenthood",
2nd author Gabriele Griffin, Journal of Gender Studies accepted, forthcoming. 

"Queer and Trans Reproduction with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), in Europe", Special Issue, co-edited with Gabriele Griffin, Journal for International Women’s Studies 20/12018.
Open access:

Article on queer reproduction by Doris Leibetseder in Bioethics (2017) "Queer Reproduction Revisited and Why Race, Class and Citizenship Still Matters: A Response to Christina Richie".

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