Reproductive decision-making in egg and embryo donation in Sweden

For my PhD project I examine decision-making power in assisted reproduction with donated eggs and embryos. In the analysis, I depart from the notion of bio-politics and the field of critical kinship studies to analyse how queer assisted reproduction can be understood in relation to fertility medicine.

The research project is interdisciplinary and combines several different methods, such as participant observation, interviews and policy analysis, focusing on a contemporary Swedish setting.

I hope to be contribute to an increased understanding of how political decisions, medical practices and cultural assumptions regarding kinship and gender affect each other, and how possibilities for reproductive decision-making and self-determination affect the living conditions and health of families and individuals.

The research project is placed at the Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, but is also a part of the WOMHER interdisciplinary research school It is affiliated with the Forte-funded project ”Scandinavian Border Crossings: Race and Nation in Queer Assisted Reproduction”

Last modified: 2023-11-03