Sextalk on the Internet. How straight men discuss sexual problems in discussion forums

Heterosexual men have few places where they can discuss their sexuality, while heterosexual women and LGBTQ people have more places where sexuality can be discussed. Heterosexual men are expected to just be able to have sex and to know how to do it. The internet has opened doors to another arena where also heterosexual men can discuss their sexuality together with others. How heterosexual men cope with their sexual problems are not as well studied as women's and LGBTQ peoples sexuality, hence this project want to describe and analyze how heterosexual men are discussing their sexuality in discussion forums on the internet, especially on the forums at and The aims of this study are 1) to increase knowledge of how interactions via discussion forums on the internet, with specific focus on sexual problems among heterosexual men, are formed, 2) to picture how the sexual problems among heterosexual men are handled in interaction with others and how norms of gender and sexuality affects the talk about sexual problems, as well as 3) to contribute with new knowledge to the research field of sexual health, as well as to organizations working with sex education and to health services.

Contact: Renita Sörensdotter

Last modified: 2022-10-14