Technologization of the Everyday

Technologization of the Everyday is a research group at the Centre for Gender Research, established in 2021. Its aim is for dialogue and research about technologization, its genesis, application and effects in the everyday.

Technology has become all-pervasive in everyday life, and nothing has demonstrated that more clearly than the covid period. This period has forced everybody not only to become more tech-conversant and at rapid rates, but it has also highlighted and reinforced existing inequalities, indicating that women frequently suffered disproportionately from the impacts of the changes in technology application and use in everyday life, as they had to juggle work and homelife commitments more extensively than men. The everyday thus comprises both work and home life, not as separate, but as entangled entities.

The pervasiveness of technology and the unselfconscious use of technology in the everyday can blind us to the hidden – and sometimes not so hidden – impacts of that technology, the ways in which we produce digital labour, for instance, and how we are surveillanced in the process. These issues and many others that affect all of us are at the core of this research group’s preoccupation.

The group is led by Jenny Björklund and Gabriele Griffin, and consists of members with very diverse interests in the field of technologization of the everyday, ranging from interests in videogaming to online identities/identifications and decolonization, to questions of assisted reproduction, natural language processing, soundscapes, digital methods and much besides. We hold regular meetings, including digital methods training ab initio and beyond.

Last modified: 2023-02-16